About Us

You have a service to provide. You even have goods to sell. There are absolutely more reasons than that for you to stay in business. A winning tactic in sales and marketing is not built on a mere foundation of trust and simple one-to-one relationship but by looking at the typical failures of business and customer psychologies as one.

The critical few may say: Why winning clients? Why bother to invest so much in understanding their behaviour, and the activities which surround them? Why must we persistently entertain difficult clients? Why would we even care about them?

In the world of business, it isn't surprising to discover that we have yet to understand enough of our clients, their needs, their insufficiencies or their ambitions. As a person, you may find it very time consuming to take over a parental role to look after clients' affairs as some tend to be over self-centered, fussy, demanding, ego-centric, unreasonable and sometimes annoying but you can never raise your tone against them because you feel that customers are always right!

Your clients leave because of your incompetent service? Or the goods sold were defective? Could it be your attitude? Nothing can be more disastrous than not carefully examining the factors that caused a turndown in business.

Clients are your business assets. You already feel their presence and know of their importance to your business. Have a moment of thought. There is always time to reconsider your winning strategies again.

Why Choose CMYAP

CMYAP provides a non-exhaustive list of administrative, secretarial and other business management support facilities to international clients. Our aim is to assist Malaysian firms as well as foreign business owners to achieve greater freedom in doing business, while letting us take care of the more intrinsic elements of financial management.

At CMYAP, we have a close yet inseparable connection with numerous governmental organizations, trade associations to facilitate any given tasks by our clients. Over the years we have linked up with many overseas associates that are require certain tasks to be settled outside of Malaysia. With these help at hand, business momentum becomes faster. We look forward to seeing you at CMYAP where we serve you better than the rest.